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Save money while reducing your carbon footprint on the world.

Lower your electric bill!

Using solar panels can lower your monthly utility bill tremendously.

Big enviromental impact!

Solar panel systems derive clean, pure energy from the power of the sun.

No upfront costs!

Just pay for clean, affordable energy that you can produce on your own roof.

Federal incentives!

As a taxpayer you can claim a 30% tax break for purchasing solar panels instead of leasing them.

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Go Green

Going green has never been so easy


Get control over utility costs.

  • Start saving with $0 down.
  • Get predictable energy rates for years to come.
  • Save more money for the things you care about.

Save for a better tomorrow.

  • Solar does not produce any harmful emissions.
  • Standard Electricity is responsible for 33% of global warming.
  • Solar panels benefit the earth by using renewable energy.

Don’t take our word

Some kind words from our awesome clients

I received a solar quote from a different company a year ago that was around $32k. With Quick Solar i didnt have to spend any upfront costs and my monthly bill was significantly lower too.

Johnathan Spencer
New Jersey

Usually whenever I try to do something positive for the enviroment it costs me a ton of money. With Quick Solar I was able to do my part for the enviroment and save money at the same time.

Michelle Ramsey



Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

How can I go solar?

You simply fill out the form at the top of the page and one of our solar assessment specialists will call you for an over-the-phone evaluation.

What if there is bad weather?

Solar panels will still generate power for your home even when it is not sunny out. Even if your roof is covered with snow.

Will solar panels work on my type of roof?

Yes. No matter what kind of roof you have; tile or asphalt, flat or pitched; we have a system that'll work for you.

What does it cost to install?

There are no upfront costs to get your new solar panels.



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